by Mario Moreno

This art photo is a portrait of a female giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) with her calf that was taken in the Kariega Game Reserve located in the Eastern Cape in South Africa.

Mothers with calves will gather in nursery herds, usually consisting of two or more infants and/or juveniles and their mothers moving or browsing together. 

Mothers in such a group may sometimes leave their calves with one female while they travel to other areas. This is known as a "calving pool". Calves appear to have strong social bonds, facilitating social cohesion in nursery groups. Males play almost no role in raising the young. The young are vulnerable to predators. A mother giraffe will stand over her young and kick at a predator that comes near. Giraffes only defend their own young; they form calving herds for selfish reasons. A mother has a strong maternal bond with her calf, lasting until her next calving. Calves suckle for 13 months and continue to associate with their mothers for another 2–5 months.

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1. Choose your print Size (?)
24x36 cm
Limited edition of 150 copies
30x45 cm
Limited edition of 100 copies
40x60 cm
Limited edition of 75 copies
60x90 cm
Limited edition of 50 copies
2. Choose your print Finish (?)
Mounting on Aluminium
with Adhesive disc
Mounting on Aluminium
mounted on Wooden Stretcher
Mounting on Aluminium
framed in Shadow Gap Frame

3. Choose the lamination option (?)
Print Nonlaminated
Print Laminated
79,00 €

Fine art photograph printed on premium professional photo paper and mount-framed on a contemporary and elegant backing

Limited and numbered fine art print determined upon the size.

Our Commitments

  • Product completely made in France
  • Fast shipping
  • 14 days to exchange or refund

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Fine art photographs mounted on a Dibond Aluminium backing


  • Contemporary and elegant finish
  • Direct focus on the work
  • No reflection, unlike framed art prints
  • Thin, light and a sure flatness
  • Better weight/rigidity ratio than a simple aluminium plate
  • Top quality framing mounts favoured in exhibitions
Fastening system on the back allowing an easy and rapid installation
Dibond backing composed of two layers of aluminium surrounding a polyethylene core (3 mm total thickness)
Professional digital print on premium photo paper
Anti-UV rays protection film (option lamination option)
 4 sizes with mounting on Dibond
4 sizes
4 editions

The back of the Dibond aluminium plate is white and smooth. A fixation system is necessary to hang your art photograph up your wall. Our three finishes allow an easy and quick installation.

Adhesive patch pasted on the back of the art mounted print Wooden stretcher frame mounted on the back of the sheet Fine art photography framed in a black lacquered wooden shadow gap

The Adhesive Disc

  • Simple finish allowing a contemporary and elegant design
  • Adhesive patch to apply on the back of the picture
  • Available for XS, S and M sizes

More information on this adhesive disc…

The Wooden Stretcher

  • Emphasizes the photo separating it from the wall
  • Finish enabling a modern art gallery aesthetic quality
  • Invisible on the front view
  • Available for every size

More information on this wooden frame…

The Shadow Gap Frame

  • Artwork mounted on Aluminium and fitted into a made-to-measure solid wood frame
  • Luxury finish protecting the photo slightly set back
  • "Floating" effect of the photograph in the center of the framing
  • Available for M and L sizes

More information on this shadow box......

Closeup on the adhesive patch Closeup on the wooden stretcher Closeup on the wood shadow box
 The lamination is an efficient and transparent protection option.

The lamination

An optimal protection for your art photograph
  • Anti-UV rays film
  • Lustered finish
  • Protects from humidity
  • Enables an easier cleanup
  • Prevents from scuffs
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